Natalie’s Fitness Journey


  • Lost 3kg of body fat
  • Less bloating and slimmer waist
  • Built 2kg lean muscle
  • Improved mental focus
  • Boosted energy levels


I started Francis’ Bodyfit Nutrition plan last month, alongside training, and so far I have lost just over 1kg in body fat and increased muscle mass considerably.

My body shape has slimmed down and in just 5 weeks people are already commenting on how I look.

I made the changes to my diet from the plan of simply adding protein to each of my meals and eating a bit cleaner generally. I’d say this really has made the biggest difference to my body.

I wasn’t massively overweight to begin with and had a good training history, but over the winter months I’d deffo put on a few extra pounds through not eating right.

Clothes weren’t fitting so well and I’d lost a lot of strength from not working out due to injury.

Thanks to Francis I feel like I’m back in the game!

I’d 100% recommend his nutrition plan. Its actually simple to follow and ensures you get the right things you need in your body to lose weight but not go hungry.

Thanks Bodyfit!

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