Andy’s Fitness Journey


  • Lost 3kg of body fat
  • Less bloating and slimmer waist
  • Built 2kg lean muscle
  • Improved mental focus
  • Boosted energy levels


Using the BodyFit gym buddy app for training is brilliant. It gives you step by step guides to your weekly workout routines.

Each exercise comes with a video showing you the right technique and you can track you reps and weight to track progress.

It’s so easy to use and as it’s on your phone then there’s no more carrying around a note book to record info. It’s become an essential tool for my training and couldn’t be with out it.

Goal setting

Goal setting So you are going to start a fitness plan?  Do you know what it is exactly you would like to achieve? Now is the time to get your goals in place so you can measure your progress and strengthen your chances of success.  It doesn't matter...

Top 10 Reasons to Drink More Water

Top 10 Reasons to Drink More Water

1. Increase Your Mental Focus, Energy & Relieve Fatigue Your brain is made up of mostly water, so drinking more of it will help you think, focus and concentrate.   It will also make you more alert and boost your energy, so is you suffer from that mid afternoon energy...

How to do the cable triceps press down

How to do the cable triceps press down What does it work? Arms - Triceps How To Do It Step 1 Starting Position: Stand facing the cable machine. Position the cable attachment at a height above your head. Attach the handle or rope and grasp it firmly with the thumbs clasped around...

My 24 Week Body Transformation

My 24 Week Body Transformation

My Body Transformation by Francis Williams I recently embarked on a 24 week body transformation program, to get in the best possible shape in the shortest space of time.  I like to keep fit but just like everyone else it is easy to fall into bad eating habits and let...

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